负责市场信息采集,诸如各华人和亚洲超市的货品品种和价格的对比,批发商的联络和沟通,公司SNS账号(Facebook, Twitter, 新浪微博, 腾讯微信)的管理和维护,以及公司市场活动的策划和执行。




We welcome any candidate even if you don’t speak Chinese.

‘Little Orient’ is a newly set up Oriental Food Supermarket in Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre. Not just having a super convenient location (Bakerloo line & Northern line and many bus lines connecting whole southeast area), we welcome our customers with large number of oriental products from Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. There are over 1500 food products, including beverage, sauces, ingredient, dry food, fresh vegetable, frozen food, etc. We also serve freshly made bubble tea, Chinese dessert, steaming bun and dim sum to take away. Our opening hours are from 10am to 7:30pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm to 5pm on Sunday.

We are currently recruiting 2 full time and 4-8 part time staff. As a new business, we would expect you to develop with us together and be part of the company’s long term plan. You will not be located a specific position at the beginning, but rotate on different roles until we find out what is best for you. There are equal opportunities for everyone to be promoted as Team Leader or Assistant Manager as long as you can stand out with your ability, determine and ambition.


Key Responsibilities & Accoutabilities

  • To Implement stock control and provide high standard of customer service.
  • To provide a high standard of customer service
  • To providing accurate transactions following all POS (point of sale) register procedures
  • To have a knowledge of ordering
  • To receive deliveries at the back door
  • To suggest additional items to and collect feedback from customer to ensure that their last impression of the store is positive
  • To give advice to store manage on all aspects, either positive or negative
  • To maintain good housekeeping standards
  • To help prevent shrinkage
  • To adhere to Health and Safety requirements both Company and Statutory

Skills & Experience

  • Ability to follow procedures
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Ability to deal with customers
  • Advanced and regular users of social network such as Facebook and Weibo welcomed
  • Practical experience of working in an operational department will be an advantage
  • Experience in a fast moving retail/wholesale business will be an advantage
  • Multi-language ability will be an advantage, especially Mandarin



  • Teamwork Spirit
  • Results Orientation
  • Market and Customer Orientation
  • Social Competence
  • Intercultural Awareness
  • Analytical and Strategic Competence
  • Ability to bring about change

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小东方超市地处伦敦Elephant Castle Shopping Centre内,交通便利,店面面积达300平米,主要销售来自大陆,台湾,日韩和东南亚的食品,品种多达1500多种,覆盖休闲食品,烹饪调料,米油酱醋,亚洲水果和蔬菜等等,是率先推出最低价格保证的伦敦亚洲超市。


Unit 237C, Elephant Castle Shopping Centre,
New Kent Road, London,
Phone: (0044) 765-4321


Mon - Fri
9:00am to 8:45pm
11:00am to 8:45pm
12:00am to 6:00pm